An Evening Upstate with the Brothers Felice

The sun is shining in Brooklyn. The President’s first 100 days. The continuous drip of bad News makes me intermittently anxious, angry, sad, determined and inspired. Frequently all at the same time.  Still we are all somewhat solar powered and warm weather brings with it some energy and something like hope.   I had a […]

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Where You Come From

St. Patrick’s Day   Has been many things for me over the years. I remember as a child thinking. “He banished the snakes?”, “I’d love to see a snake, what did he do that for?” He was brought to Ireland by Niall of the Nine Hostages? Aside from Niall Duggan who lived around the corner […]

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Eavesdropping with Peter Pan – Adventures in Public Transport

February 25th, 2017 Cambridge, MA I read somewhere once that eavesdropping is good for writing. Hearing that gave me great freedom and shameless confidence. In eavesdropping. It is unseasonably warm. I’m in a non barducks coffee chain. An hour too early for being an hour early is two hours early which is just too early. […]

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