Eavesdropping with Peter Pan – Adventures in Public Transport

February 25th, 2017 Cambridge, MA I read somewhere once that eavesdropping is good for writing. Hearing that gave me great freedom and shameless confidence. In eavesdropping. It is unseasonably warm. I’m in a non barducks coffee chain. An hour too early for being an hour early is two hours early […]

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Advent in Brooklyn

Advent in Brooklyn Already two bottles of liquor on the counter at Meat Market. Customer appreciation, the Brooklyn-Italian way. It produces a feeling akin to the season’s first airing of ‘Fairytale of New York’. By Christmas week there’ll be nine or ten half empty bottles on the shelf. Hard liquor […]

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Tour Countdown : I probably shouldn’t eat that?

Tour Countdown Continues: Leaving Ithaca for East Durham, our friends drove with us as as far as the town of Caroline, where we went for a quick hike at Roy H. Park Preserve. Not before parking in Park’s park parking lot. The preserve counts bears, beavers, fishers, minks and 50 […]

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