Don’t Honk If You Support Connolly

Brooklyn, May 30th 2018   New York would be impossible without its parks. I was reminded of this whilst walking through Brooklyn’s Prospect Park yesterday. I strolled through slowly. Taking it in. A man practicing scales on a saxophone. Skateboarders. Cyclists. Joggers. A running man with a double stroller and […]

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Where are you from?

March 17th, 2018 – Brooklyn  Today is my grandmother Philomena’s anniversary. She was the kindest person I’ve known. She had ten children. I have first cousins in Ireland, UK, Australia and US. I have an uncle who lives in Zambia. We’ve been welcomed all over the world. We’ve worked, found […]

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Dream Your Way Out Of Winter

Monday February 26th, 2018   Waiting for the kettle to whistle and drown out the radio. The radio is talking about the historical appeal of conspiracy theories and the nation’s refusal to address the gun problem. Long division in the United states.  It’s no way to start the day.  And […]

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