Where You Come From

St. Patrick’s Day   Has been many things for me over the years. I remember as a child thinking. “He banished the snakes?”, “I’d love to see a snake, what did he do that for?” He was brought to Ireland by Niall of the Nine Hostages? Aside from Niall Duggan […]

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Eavesdropping with Peter Pan – Adventures in Public Transport

February 25th, 2017 Cambridge, MA I read somewhere once that eavesdropping is good for writing. Hearing that gave me great freedom and shameless confidence. In eavesdropping. It is unseasonably warm. I’m in a non barducks coffee chain. An hour too early for being an hour early is two hours early […]

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On the Road to Ghent

Feb 11th, 2017 On the road to Ghent. David Bowie on the radio. My good friend Mac back at the wheel. A wet fog on the lowlands makes the roadside scenery comically dull.. I really enjoyed the gig last night at Cafe le Parc in Liege. I struggled with the […]

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Listening Out the Window

Bird bones and slate stones, Found objects in temporary homes, Pristine inside the gallery walls, Safe between the leaves of the museum brochure. Representations of nature, From the comfort of the city, Telling us we want to be outside, And so, Four stories above the traffic and the talk on […]

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