Niall Connolly

Why I Missed Last Saturday’s Stream

Rockaway Park, July 10th, 2020   Last Saturday, July 4th, was the first livestream that I have missed since the lockdown began in mid March. A sideways summer rain taps gently on my window. The bedroom curtains dance to the sirens. I am back in Rockaway this weekend. My father […]

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The Life Cycle of Frogs

East Durham, May Something-th, 2020    I promised her frogs. ”If you’re very quiet we might see frogs.” I’ve been promising this for weeks. Clearly having forgotten the precise timing of the life cycle of frogs, a life cycle that was so thoroughly imparted to me at St. Jospeh’s National […]

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Skimming Stones

East Durham, NY, Friday May 1st, 2020 I grew up in Meadowbrook, Riverstown, Glanmire, County Cork. Beside the Glashaboy river.  We had two television channels. We spent a lot of time by the river. Skimming stones and building rope bridges as children. Drinking cans as teenagers. It comes back to […]

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She Makes Me Want to Wash My Hands

March 10th, 2020 Rockaway Park, NY   I have a tiny human. I have friends and family that are more vulnerable than I am. I’ve washed my hands a bajillion times recently.  I’m more hygienic than I’ve ever been. I’ve also touched my face a bajillion times. Have you ridden […]

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A D- Day Veteran Makes Me Promise to Get a Fishing Rod

Rockaway Beach, NY Feb 24th, 2020 It’s a quiet time. A strange time. I’m keeping my ears piqued and my antennae fine tuned to find new stories and songs and opportunities. It’s a strange time,  an in between time, a quiet time, a divisive time, a February time, a rest […]

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The Best Review I’ve Received In Quite a While

Rockaway Park, NY, December 7th, 2019 Though I did not get 50 million Spotify streams this past year, I did just receive this very inspiring note from a young man in Australia. Mark wandered randomly into one of my New York gigs 7 years ago and very deliberately came back […]

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