Javier Más from Leonard Cohen’s Band plays on my new album

Javier Mas, Glen Hansard, Niall Connolly and Pat Conway.

New Album ‘Dream Your Way Out Of This One’  Out  Mid September Please check your pockets for bullets, screws, gum or crayons. I’m writing to you from outside the Greenville Laundromat in Greenville, New York. There is a sign inside that asks customers to check their pockets for bullets and other “dangerous items” such as […]

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Thank you – That was fun!

  Prospect Park, Brooklyn,  Monday June 12th, 8am.   Air quality warning from 10am. What precisely are you supposed to do during an air quality warning? Take a deep breath at 9.59am? It’s 8am and I am in Prospect Park to get a few of those breaths. New York would be impossible without its parks. […]

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Four bands, a ferry and a fort.

June 9th, 2017  “The Dog that didn’t bark“.  “A pig’s breakfast”. The BBC are all over the animal metaphors this morning.  Any news? Lordy. The DUP? Lordy, is right.   The sun is shining in Brooklyn. I should be outside. I will be outside. I am working on bookings for Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy […]

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My Songs on WNYE 91.5FM today – Person Place Thing

I had the great pleasure of singing during Randy Cohen’s interview with Siri Hustvedt on ‘Person Place Thing‘ at the  Brooklyn historical society a few weeks back. You can hear it today, Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 on WNYE, 91.5 FM, and more broadly Friday night at 10:30 across WAMC Northeast Public Radio. Or anytime at all […]

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‘Rooms’ : Review

Enda Walsh’s play ‘Rooms’  is both familiar and strikingly original. The Galway International Arts Festival’s production is currently running at Cybert Tire, the future home of The Irish Arts Center in Manhattan. The space was without doubt a tire place until very recently. As we are lead up a narrow staircase it feels more like […]

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An Evening Upstate with the Brothers Felice

The sun is shining in Brooklyn. The President’s first 100 days. The continuous drip of bad News makes me intermittently anxious, angry, sad, determined and inspired. Frequently all at the same time.  Still we are all somewhat solar powered and warm weather brings with it some energy and something like hope.   I had a […]

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