The Greatest Hits Of All Time

June 30th, 2021 The Cheeseman on the radio announces the GREATEST HITS OF ALL TIME. Pronounces. Announces. Denounces. I find myself irritated by the presumption that what came before is better than the new. Or worse, that it is better than what is yet  to come.  In fairness, ‘He Ain’t […]

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The Life Cycle of Frogs

East Durham, May Something-th, 2020    I promised her frogs. ”If you’re very quiet we might see frogs.” I’ve been promising this for weeks. Clearly having forgotten the precise timing of the life cycle of frogs, a life cycle that was so thoroughly imparted to me at St. Jospeh’s National […]

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She Makes Me Want to Wash My Hands

March 10th, 2020 Rockaway Park, NY   I have a tiny human. I have friends and family that are more vulnerable than I am. I’ve washed my hands a bajillion times recently.  I’m more hygienic than I’ve ever been. I’ve also touched my face a bajillion times. Have you ridden […]

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Random Acts of Kindess

  Random Acts of Kindness – Brooklyn, January 24th, 2019   I’ve been trying to notice kindness. Trying to actively look out for it. To practice it. During winter, in this divided nation, in these dark and cynical times, I find it  helpful to see the everyday good in people. […]

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