Old Friends in the Old Town – Vienna – Budapest

After a bleak enough delay at the Eastern Czech town of Přerov’s train station, we arrived into rainy Vienna’s Hauptbahnhof about forty minutes later than expected. One friendly taxi ride later, we checked in at Hotel Am Brillantengrund. This was Neil’s recommendation. I would pass on that tip. It was reasonably […]

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Pirate or Chimney Sweep?

Monday, February 1st, Train from Minden to Amsterdam What a great weekend. I played a Church built in 1683. A breakfast concert in French Cafe in Germany. A 43rd Birthday Party for a Kazakhstani chimney sweep. Another house concert for another Chimney sweep. Schornsteinfeger is the German for chimney sweep. […]

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Catching up with myself

Monday January 18th, The train from Kiel to Hamburg There is a moment that comes with sitting down on a train. A moment of sheer relaxation. I have found the station on time. I am no longer lugging my bags across town. My job in the coming hours is to […]

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