There’s a Monastery Under My Bed

  Tuesday February 9th, Gent, Belgium In my hurry to book somewhere cheap this morning I failed to read the small print. I entered something along the lines of “cheap private room” into the “I am watching you” machine, found one almost within budget, within walking distance of the train […]

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Pirate or Chimney Sweep?

Monday, February 1st, Train from Minden to Amsterdam What a great weekend. I played a Church built in 1683. A breakfast concert in French Cafe in Germany. A 43rd Birthday Party for a Kazakhstani chimney sweep. Another house concert for another Chimney sweep. Schornsteinfeger is the German for chimney sweep. […]

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Catching up with myself

Monday January 18th, The train from Kiel to Hamburg There is a moment that comes with sitting down on a train. A moment of sheer relaxation. I have found the station on time. I am no longer lugging my bags across town. My job in the coming hours is to […]

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