Pictures and Words – Dublin and Dundalk

Myself and Brendan Behan by the Royal Canal. Dublin 2016 April 5th, 2016 Dublin draped in flags. Dublin remembers 1916. Dublin in the sunshine in the Spring. Bobby Sands’ quote on the side of the Auld Triangle. By the Royal Canaaaaaaal. A fine quote, though plenty of blood spilled before […]

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Leeds, Sheffield and onward to Cambridge

Leeds, March 22nd 2016 I woke up in my hotel room turned on the TV. BBC World News. Explosions at Metro stations in Brussels. Two more explosions at the airport. Flemish national broadcaster reporting 13 dead. Ah fuck. The number will be higher next time I hear the news. That’s […]

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“From Hell, Hull, and Halifax, Good Lord, deliver us”

Monday March 21st, 2016, Nondescript Hotel Room, Leeds French and Belgian leaders speak of Saleh Abdessalem arrest. Obama visits Cuba. Cameron under attack for British budget. Connolly typing in hotel room in Leeds. Saturday March 18th, 2016 Manchester Mac dropped me off in Manchester before making his way onward to […]

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Philomena, St. Patrick and Pele

St. Philomena, St. Patrick and Pele March 17th, 2016, Bishop Auckland My grandmother Philomena had ten children. She was a kind and gentle and beautiful woman. Today is her anniversary. It is also St. Patrick’s Day. To the green-face painted, green-beer drinking parades around the world, did you know St. […]

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Four Countries in a Day

Friday, March 11th 6pm ish, Doyle’s, Dublin   Rows of Guinness are settling on the bar. The place is full of French, German, Irish, English accents, ready for the weekend. Van Morrison is on the stereo. The staff are fantastically patient. Mike Scott sang, “Dublin is a city full of […]

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Old Friends in the Old Town – Vienna – Budapest

After a bleak enough delay at the Eastern Czech town of Přerov’s train station, we arrived into rainy Vienna’s Hauptbahnhof about forty minutes later than expected. One friendly taxi ride later, we checked in at Hotel Am Brillantengrund. This was Neil’s recommendation. I would pass on that tip. It was reasonably […]

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