Old Friends in the Old Town – Vienna – Budapest

After a bleak enough delay at the Eastern Czech town of Přerov’s train station, we arrived into rainy Vienna’s Hauptbahnhof about forty minutes later than expected. One friendly taxi ride later, we checked in at Hotel Am Brillantengrund. This was Neil’s recommendation. I would pass on that tip. It was reasonably […]

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The train from Berlin to Prague is one of the more scenic routes I’ve taken in Europe. Clare slept off a bit of jetlag for a few hours. Later, our compartmental comrades, a Danish family with a Ukrainian matriarch, got chatting to us. I learned a lot about Russia,the Soviet […]

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If you see something, say something

Saturday February 6th, 2016 – Train from Liege to Den Haag There are soldiers and armed police with sniffer dogs and bullet proof vests all over the station. I refuse to have my good spirits dampened. I had another magic night in Liege last night. I played my third gig […]

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Amsterdam and Groningen

Wednesday February 3rd, 2016 Train from Groningen to Rotterdam Here I am again, typing as the lowlands fly by my window. I am very tired today. I had to leave earlier than I imagined and could use some more sleep. Otherwise, I am feeling good and feeling grateful. A quick […]

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