Thank You For The Music – BCFF Review

Saturday morning, I woke up sweating and switched on the radio to the sound of the Mayor  cautioning people to stay indoors till 9pm, Sunday. The heat advisory, collided precisely with the Big City Folk Festival. Well, why start listening to City Hall now? It was already really hot. I […]

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In the Confession Box with E.W. Harris

    Confession Box Songs: Week 4 Last night Steve Goulding asked the very fair question, “The Confession Box? Is it small and judgmental?”, “Does it at least smell of incense?” No, an no. It’s a song club, in bar in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  A filtered songwriter […]

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Florence and the Machine, James Connolly and Michael Stipe

Thursday May 12th, 2016 – Midtown Rooftop Proposal Dispatches from ExpensiveTownUSA Brazil’s president has been impeached. I saw two dead baby birds on my 8 minute walk to the train. The sun is shining. I still feel like a bit of a knob every time I wear sunglasses. Thanks Bono. […]

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Interview with Minds in Music/Royal College Of Psychiatrists

Here’s an interview I did with Dr. John Tully for the latest Minds in Music blog on the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ website. John’s an old friend, a psychiatrist and a musician, as such he is very well qualified to ask these questions . I enjoyed doing this piece about […]

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Pictures and Words – Dublin and Dundalk

Myself and Brendan Behan by the Royal Canal. Dublin 2016 April 5th, 2016 Dublin draped in flags. Dublin remembers 1916. Dublin in the sunshine in the Spring. Bobby Sands’ quote on the side of the Auld Triangle. By the Royal Canaaaaaaal. A fine quote, though plenty of blood spilled before […]

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Dublin, Bantry, Cork and Ballydehob

Monday April 4th, 2016 Catching up with myself on the aircoach Brussels airport reopens. Doping allegations in British Sport. Star Wars to be filmed in West Cork…and the English Market. Is that true ? Mad. I’ve been a bit slow with the blog the last week or so, as I […]

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